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GWRFC Covid-19 Operating Plan Phase 1 - Grounds

In line with the Scottish Government’s route map through and out of the Covid-19 crisis, the Club is looking to ease the restrictions that have been imposed on us during Lockdown. We are now in Phase 1 of the easing of restrictions and as a result, we want Members to be able to make reasonable and sensible use of the facilities, within the guidelines provided by the Government and the Club restrictions imposed on top of those guidelines.

The aim is to get sections of the grounds at Fort Matilda opened up as soon as possible to provide an area for Family groups and Members to conduct structured training and recreation whilst strictly adhering to the rules on Social Distancing and the advice on pitch availability. It is proposed to operate the following ‘Opening Hours’ for the grounds:

Monday – Friday 1600 to 2100

Saturday & Sunday 0900 to 2100

There will be no members of staff on duty at these times and Members will be required to self regulate. The restricted opening hours are there to allow the Groundsman to conduct his duties and although there may be some overlap, it is up to Members to stay well away from the areas being worked. In time, areas of the pitches will be available but until further notice, the ‘open areas’ will be those behind the goals of both pitches at the Wood St end, the Cricket Square and the two hills at the Wood St end. At the moment, personnel should only ever go on to the pitches to retrieve a ball.

Cars must be parked on Octavia Terrace. Entrance will be through the barrier chicane at the Octavia Terrace entrance and all personnel must walk up the pathway towards the Clubhouse. There is no access to the Clubhouse (even if the door is open). If the Groundsman is present, the senior Member of a group should approach him to confirm which areas are open.

10 picnic benches and 7 benches are available for outdoor seating at ground level on the patio and grassed area at the East and South of the Clubhouse. All seating is spaced out at 2 metres around each table. Each table will be treated to ensure ease of cleaning. It will be first come, first served. There will be no reservations of tables. Kit can be left on the tables. Cycles can be parked along the south facing wall of the Clubhouse. All rubbish is to be placed in the bins and the areas are to be left clean and tidy before departure.

As time progresses and restrictions ease further, the RDO will provide instruction and guidelines for training. Organised training sessions following the SRU ‘Return to Play’ guidelines will be announced when available. At the moment, individuals and Family Members can conduct their own training as appropriate.

Members may consume their own food and non-alcoholic drinks in the picnic bench areas only. There is to be no outdoor music. All Members must be off the premises by 2100 and they must leave quietly.

Please enjoy the Grounds, use them sensibly and respect social distancing at all times




Fort Matilda Playing Fields

Octavia Terrace

PA16 7PX

Tel: 01475 632702

CAR PARKING: The Car Parking places outside the Clubhouse are for designated users only. Personnel wishing to drop off kit may do so but are then asked to park on Octavia Terrace. Please respect this policy or the Committee will be required to take stronger action against repeat offenders.