• Capacity: Events with entertainment/dancing is comfortable for 80 with a DJ & light buffet. If using a band and large hot buffet then 80 is a maximum. Events for dinner only can comfortably seat 100. Depending on time of year and sport events, 100 could be exceeded but needs to be agreed with the club in advance. 

  • Hire does not include Members Lounge

  • Birthday Celebrations: No 17th to 20th Birthdays. Children's parties and 21st Parties only allowed for Members or Members family. 

  • For events with children there must be 1 adult for ever 4 children with children restricted to the upper floor and prohibited in Members' Lounge.

  • For children events, a provisional bookings taken up to 3 months in advance but will only be confirmed 1 month before the event.

  • Children (under 16) must be supervised at all times and must be off the premises by 23:00. 

  • Events for non-members must be sponsored by a member; that member must be in attendance for the entire event; that member will be responsible for the event and answerable to the committee. 

  • A list of names & addresses of non-member invitees to be supplied and attached in the Visitors Book. Otherwise, members must sign the Visitors' Book individually. 

  • Arrival & Departure: As a courtesy to our neighbours, taxis must drop off & pick up in Octavia Terrace. Use the path alongside the pitch and do not walk on the access road. Exception only for anyone with walking difficulties. Parking only in Octavia Terrace - not allowed in the access road. Guests should, of course, leave quietly. 

  • No table confetti or party poppers.

  • Entertainment must cease 30 minutes before licence ends. Last orders will be called shortly after. 

  • No drink other than that bought at the bar to be consumed. Corkage will be applied: £25 premium spirit, £7.50 wine. 

  • Access: We will do our best to give access for setting up for decorating and entertainers etc. After the event, belongings can be stored - although they may not be secure - but must be uplifted the next day. The club will not be responsible for belongings left on the premesis; anything not picked up by the end of the next day will be dumped, unless by prior agreement. 

  • All club rules and licencing laws apply. Please make yourself aware of these and direct any questions to the Event Co-Ordinator. 

  • All charges due must be paid on confirmation of your booking. 

  • Catering: 

    • Hot Food​

      • There is a preferred Club Caterer ICE alone, have access to our kitchen.  - enquiries@icescotland.co.uk or call Stacey on 01475 638362.

      • An in-house service is available 

      • Other Professional Caterers must be self-sufficient and will have no access to the kitchen

      • Buffets can be brought in - again there will be no access to the kitchen​



Fort Matilda Playing Fields

Octavia Terrace

PA16 7PX

Tel: 01475 632702

CAR PARKING: The Car Parking places outside the Clubhouse are for designated users only. Personnel wishing to drop off kit may do so but are then asked to park on Octavia Terrace. Please respect this policy or the Committee will be required to take stronger action against repeat offenders.